Why is Sleep Important?

It’s no question that sleep is important --- we’ve all experienced a low quality sleep, and the low-quality performance it creates the day after. But what are the real reasons why sleep is so crucial? 

To put it simply, the different stages of sleep all have their own effect on you when you’re awake. 

  • Light transitional sleep
  • This stage of sleep is the one where you become drowsy and begin to relax. You still have a sense of awareness, and so disruption can still occur quite easily. But overall, your brain activity decreases in this stage. 

  • Slightly deeper sleep 
  • In this second stage, your body activity, brain activity, and temperature begin to slow down and decrease. Essentially, your body is saying “it’s time to sleep for real now”. This means that it is more difficult to be woken up than in the first stage. 

  • Deep sleep
  • This third stage is the most restorative sleep stage, in which your body does a lot of restoration, muscle rebuilding, and immune system strengthening. There is not much brain activity, if any, in this stage, since the body is the main focus. 

  • REM
  • Also known as the “dream stage”, the REM sleep stage is where there is a lot of brain and eye activity and movements. If you are woken up during this stage, you may feel groggy or disoriented, since your body is inactive and you are heavily focused on the dreams. If your sleep is cut short, most of the sleep that is cut is REM sleep. Too little sleep means that you could experience memory problems or grogginess, as mentioned above. On the other hand, too much REM sleep could lead to too much brain activation, leaving you moody and maybe even irritable. 

    Bringing it All Together

    Why did we bring all 4 sleep stages into the conversation? Well, it’s because a “good night's sleep” could mean different things based on different sleep stages. As a whole, sleep is so crucial to our bodies, brains, and overall well-being because good sleep promotes positive feelings, emotions, brain and body activity, memory, productivity, and so on. 

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