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We developed our tech in a way that’s humanized, so that your whole self is taken into account. Our quiz allows you to find your perfect supplement in minutes by recommending products based on your health, lifestyle, and wellness goals.  


The World's 1st "Smart" Supplement Platform

Support your daily routine with plant-powered, physician-approved “smart” supplements that improve sleep, energy, and focus. Our data-driven, science-backed platform only recommends what you need and nothing you don't.

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Free and available on the App Store. Innovative and efficient, our app enables you to get daily stats and personalized data insights to find your ideal wellness solution.


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We’re about integrated science. Our physician approved, plant-powered, and clean formulas combine safety, efficacy, and responsibility.

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Transform your health and reach your wellness goals with tools and products tailored for you. Our tracking features allow you to visualize your progress with real-time insights and recommendations based on your unique data!


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We don’t believe in a one-size fits all approach to wellness. Our technology maps your overall wellness using health data from your wearable devices and builds plans that work for you and your lifestyle.