Our Mission

At BestOfU, we believe in integrating science and data to provide holistic and personalized solutions. Our humanized algorithm means that we don’t just compare to the industry standards and baselines, we take unique approaches to your long-term wellness, and no one else’s.

Our Value

We take “that’s the way it’s always been done” as a challenge. We’ve one-upped the wellness-tech industry so you can one-up yourself. Constant learning and progression is in our DNA.

Why BestOfU?

With BestOfU, your data is more than just the numbers. Our personal insights, tips, and recommendations mean that your long-term wellness is in good hands. 

Our improvement tracking uses personalized supplements that work - see for yourself in the data!

Chunyan Liang
CEO & Cofounder

Born out of passion, hard work, most importantly, born for the best of YOU.

Charles and Chunyan’s passion for the health and wellness industry became clear from the moment they began speaking. Both being in a transitional phase of their lives, professionally and personally, they wanted to create a brand that helped others to become better versions of themselves. They saw the gap in the wellness industry and the opportunity to leverage digital data to provide holistic insights into consumer wellness needs, and began the work immediately. 

The team was born, two became four, four became eight... and now, BestofU is a team of top medical professionals, data engineers, and marketing minds, all of us work together to celebrates the uniqueness of every individual person and represents self-care, self-improvement, and holding yourself to the highest standard in all aspects of your life.

Our Team