Peace of Mind

De-stress + Adrenal Support
    Designed to improve your daily health and reduce stress level by promoting balanced cortisol response. This product is perfect for those who have non-stop (Zoom) meetings or work at a fast-paced workplace.
    • Promote balanced cortisol response 
    • synergistic blend to respond quickly to everyday stressors 
    • Adaptogenic properties to combat anxiety 
    • Great for everyday use 

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Scientific Ingenuity Personalized For YOU! High-Grade Formulas, Responsibly Sourced, And Artificial Ingredient-Free.

  • Vegan-friendly
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO
  • 8 Allergen-friendly
  • GMP certified
  • No artificial flavors

The Basics

Wave Stress Goodbye

This formulation's potency will support immediate stress response when stressed for a work presentation or a competition. A compelling complex to handle external stressors reduces work-related stress and optimizes energy. 

your secret to more calm

An adaptogen that supports upcoming stress by lowering cortisol levels and elevates mood. These ingredients restore adrenals that have become taxed and worn down, which result in adrenal fatigue. Defeat stress and minimize cortisol production with our vegan adrenal support to be the BestOfU!

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